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Target Marketing Group believes that environmental change begins with action, and we are dedicated to supportive a green initiative. Target Marketing and the entire The Legacy Group that we participate in have become leaders in sustainability through a commitment to working with better production partners and an open approach to product manufacturing, decorating and sourcing. Better buying is a unique approach that allows for suppliers to anonymously communicate with buyers about preferred purchasing practices.  Buyers can then use this information to make continuous improvements and utilize suppliers who adhere to better manufacturing and buying alternatives.  

Our efforts focus on working with manufacturing partners who recycle the Earth’s resources by using organic and eco-friendly materials. We partner with decorators who utilize soy and water-based inks, and we try to educate our employees and our clients to help ensure that they support and are committed to taking action. The goal is to educate our clients and strive for everyone to make responsible decisions as the entire world faces the impacts of global climate change. 

TMG tries to partner with manufacturers, decorators and distributors that have the same values and goals as we work towards a more sustainable future.  We try to offer our client’s product selections that include organic cotton, recycled fleece, rPEt products, products made from bamboo and wheat stray and products made from recycled items gathered from the ocean.   

Some of the manufacturers we partner with: 




TMG utilizes recycled packaging for our outbound shipments, and we try to recycle all the packaging and paper products that are received at our facility. The demand for eco-friendly product options continues to grow as our clients and their end users have become more concerned about the environment. We want to provide alternative eco-friendly options for our clients and try to offer more useful, reusable, and sustainable items.  

We are trying to support our clients who have a focus on the importance that their marketing efforts and the items that they offer align with their core values, goals, and mission to support climate change.  

The power to change and create a brighter future is in our hands…